Statement of German NGOs on forest bioenergy Download the statement as pdf  Forests are irreplaceable for the protection of biodiversity
By Peter Gerhardt The era of fossil fuels is coming to an end, leaving humanity having to increasingly draw on
In our view, the current discussions on bioeconomy by the Federal Government of Germany have the potential to further undermine
Jan. 22 to 23, 2019 in Bremen, Germany denkhausbremen and the Environmental Paper Network (EPN) invite you to attend the
Debate between environmentalists and industry: What is sustainability in the case of tissue? At a high level congress "Tissue -
Press release from Denkhaus Bremen, SOS Foret du Sud, Rettet den Regenwald and the Association of Critical Shareholders: Unipers wood
Environmental campaigners criticize biomass investments by RWE spinoff Innogy during company’s AGM: Are Innogy´s marketing claims just greenwashing? Joint Press
Open NGO letter on FAO’s International Day of Forests 2017 The FAO and the Collaborative Partnership on Forests have chosen
By Peter Gerhardt and Michael Gerhardt Wood has been an important source of energy for humans since time immemorial. On
E.ON and RWE are on a global shopping spree for timber. The energy giants are planning to extend the life
Statement on survey by the European Commission for European biomass policy from 2020 This statement is also available in German.
Humanity has got an energy problem. Fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal are finite and burn-ing them causes